June 13, 2024
Langata - Evolve

Langata - Evolve

  • Name : Langata - Evolve
  • Locale:
  • Website : www.evolvefitness.co.ke
  • Contact:

Langata - Evolve overview

Evolve fitness is not just a health club, their services take a client out of a boring routine to promote to a healthy exercise life that fosters a positive outlook on oneself, boosting self-confidence, team spirit and compassion

Classes are also offered to enrich not only a client’s training but also of those in their sphere of influence. They range from Afro-fusion (rhumba), aerobics, dance into shape (Zumba and spin bikes), and the elderly gym.

Location and Contacts:

Phenom Estate Langata

Next to Carnivore Restaurant

Langata - Evolve Opening Hours

  • Mon-Fri Opening Time : 05:00:00 AM
  • Mon-Fri Closing Time 10:00:00 PM
  • Sat Opening Time: 08:00:00 AM
  • Sat Closing Time : 09:00:00 PM
  • Sun Opening Time : 10:00:00 AM
  • Sun Closing Time : 9:00 PM

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