April 17, 2024
Blaklite Fitness Centre

Blaklite Fitness Centre

  • Name : Blaklite Fitness Centre
  • Locale: Ngumba
  • Website :
  • Contact: +254 719 76 5212

Blaklite Fitness Centre overview

One of the top and best gyms you can find in Ngumba and around the Kasarani region is the Blaklite Fitness Centre. In Ngumba, you do not find many fitness centers. As such, it is easy to look down upon the few that are there. Blaklite does not fit into these odds. First of all, Ngumba is located deep in Ruaraka, a region in Nairobi where lots of sporting activities take place and therefore it has attracted many athletes. Essentially, such kind of a place needs to and must offer enough facilities for the sporting population and Blaklite Fitness Center has done exactly that.

There is no limit to what Blaklite Fitness can offer you. The fitness studio trainers whose commitment and experience cannot be challenged nor doubted. They are always ready and available to help you realize your fitness goals. It matters less to them whatever challenge is presented to them. Whether it's just regular fitness, well-being, or there is a specific challenge/goal in mind, they are up to task to help you achieve it. Such kind of professionalism, hard work, experience and commitment is unrivaled.

Blaklite Fitness Centre Opening Hours

  • Mon-Fri Opening Time : 05:00:00 AM
  • Mon-Fri Closing Time 09:30:00 PM
  • Sat Opening Time: 05:00:00 AM
  • Sat Closing Time : 09:30:00 PM
  • Sun Opening Time : 12:00:00 AM
  • Sun Closing Time : 12:00 AM

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