FKF dismiss Sholei, Shikanda appeal

FKF dismiss Sholei, Shikanda appeal

FKF dismiss Sholei, Shikanda appeal

Sammy Sholei/ File

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has dismissed appeal attempts by the suspended three officials: Sammy Sholei (National Vice Chairman), Dan Shikanda (Chairman FKF Nairobi Branch) and G.M.T Otieno (Chairman KFRA).The three appealed to the FKF appeals Committee over their suspensions but FKF through the chairman Sam Nyamweya has moved in to term the appeal as null and void.

According to FKF, the suspension of the officials will last until the next AGM scheduled for May 2013 and that the decision cannot be challenged by any Judicial body unless during the AGM.

“The Federation would like to inform the above that the decision to suspend them was made by the highest FKF decision making body the NEC as per the provisions of Article 14.1 of the FKF Constitution. Therefore the suspended members appeal to the FKF Appeals Committee is misadvised, null and void and a waste of time.” Reads a statement from FKF.

“The suspended members failed to appeal over the lifting of their suspensions to the NEC within the stipulated period of 14 days upon receipt of their suspension letters. The appeals should have been submitted to the NEC since the judicial bodies had not been constituted.”

FKF further warned G.M.T. Otieno that the federation will have no option but to impose further sanctions for ganging up with the two suspended officials (Sholei and Shikanda) to appeal to the FKF Appeals Committee.

“He (GMT) should also note that his suspension by the NEC shall also last until the next AGM scheduled for May 2013.”

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