July 18, 2024

About Us

Michezo Afrika ltd, is a consulting firm that offers all round solutions when it comes to the sports fraternity. We provide our clients with a banquet of services; an online platform that is everything sports, video scripting, shooting and editing, photography, events and sports personality positioning.

We craft unique and strategic ways to deliver our clients messaging and communication.

We integrate online and offline media solutions to develop and tell the African sporting story.

Why get in touch

Our solutions are far from generic; we add value, make news, and set trends by igniting conversations. As brands working with us would tell you we value Integrity, being authentic, empowerment, and transformative action through our network of relationships and partnerships. We creatively and consistently run a number of mainstream and online content development, on behalf of our clients.

  • We see a glass as half full not half empty; we see the story behind the story
  • We have a regional presence
  • We have a high readership on our online platform.
  • We are authentic and creative.
  • We have passion for sports and are involved in it.
  • We authenticate sports


To be the leading regional sports go to brand offering a consortium of sporting solutions and sports management


To offer holistic transformational solutions in sports and sports related activates in Afrika. We endeavor to be the leading sports and media management consultants in East and Central Afrika providing quality and professional services that guarantee clients satisfaction and ROI.


  • We believe in creativity
  • We are driven by passion
  • We value Partnership
  • We are anchored by Accountability.

Michezoafrika Limited

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