Visiting Baylor team hold sports sessions in Prison

Visiting Baylor team hold sports sessions in Prison

Visiting Baylor team hold sports sessions in Prison

One of the inmates during the session

The visiting team of Baylor University Sports men and women from Texas in USA on Tuesday held their first sports clinics and sessions in Nairobi at three Kenya Prisons centers in partnership with Michezo Afrika Foundation.

The team that landed in Nairobi on Monday afternoon will be holding a series of sports related activities that will include sports clinics with upcoming stars.

On Tuesday, the team toured Nairobi West Men’s Prison, Lang’ata Women Prisons and the Industrial area prisons. During the Prisons tour, they held training sessions in volleyball, basketball and soccer. After the tour; they donated balls and other equipment to be used by the inmates and the Prison staff.

In the past one year, Michezo Afrika has been conducting a series of sports activities in partnership with the Lang’ata Women’s prison welfare department. This includes weekly session of aerobics and volleyball trainings.

The programme has also grown and now includes Industrial area prisons where a team helps the inmates in soccer sessions once a week

The Nairobi Provincial Prisons Commandant (PPC) Wanini Kireri challenged Michezo Afrika Foundation and Baylor partnership to consider sponsoring Inter Prisons Sports Championship. She welcomed the outreach programme urging that the same needs to be extended to other prisons within Nairobi and later across the entire country.

The Industrial area Prison is a remand Prison that mostly hosts those awaiting trials. Most of the inmates cannot engage in any activity like is the case in the other Prisons and according to the officer in charge, the sports activities keep them busy. Plans are underway to increase the weekly sports sessions at the facility.

Also Speaking on Tuesday, Nairobi West Prisons welfare officer Joyce Gitau thanked Michezo Afrika and the Baylor team for the consistent partnership with the Kenya Prisons and the donation of equipment saying this will play a crucial part in the inmates’ rehabilitation efforts.

“We appreciate that people out there can take their time off to come and contribute towards reforming our inmates. Just that people have come all the way to come and play and pray with them is a big message to them. We would love to have changed people being released back to the community and the equipment donated will play a key role in supporting our reform programme.” Joyce said.

 Some of the Baylor University students observed that the Kenya Prisons facilities are neat; the prisoners have a very good relationship with the inmates and can also be allowed to interact with persons from outside.

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