Nairobi lawyer boosts Magharibi Michezo Awards kitty

Nairobi lawyer boosts Magharibi Michezo Awards kitty

Nairobi lawyer boosts Magharibi Michezo Awards kitty

Chairman Kwambo receives cheque from Sifuna

The Magharibi Michezo Awards received a major boost on Monday when Nairobi lawyer Edwin Sifuna donated 50,000 shillings towards the committee’s kitty. 

While making his contribution, Sifuna noted that it is important to motivate and appreciate excellence as well as encourage the next crop of Kenya’s sports talents.

“I am very encouraged to see young people who are very passionate about sports coming together with a very noble idea of recognizing excellence. As a young person, I want to be a part of this success story from the start and I promise to double my contribution in the coming season as well as bring on board more stakeholders.” He said.

“This is a brilliant Idea with perfect timing and I would like to encourage more stakeholders to join hands in supporting the growth of Magharibi Michezo Awards. Through these, we will encourage more talents and also motivate those who have tirelessly worked towards making western Kenya the home of sports excellence.” He added.

Magharibi Michezo Awards Organizing Committee Chairman Michael Kwambo lauded Sifuna's efforts, saying, " Your support will go a long way in entrenching this initiative as the sports awards ceremony of choice for the West Kenya region.We are very grateful for your contribution."

Kwambo also called on other corporate bodies and well wishers to emulate Sifuna, saying, " We still require whatever support and assistance that may be offer. We are building a product for the future and would like to invite all interested parties to be part of what is going to be a great endeavor moving forward."

The Magharibi Michezo Awards will be held on Friday 20 December 2013 and are geared towards rewarding the finest sporting talent from the West Kenya region.

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