Ulinzi Warriors in narrow win over Blades

Ulinzi Warriors in narrow win over Blades

Ulinzi Warriors in narrow win over Blades

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A bitterly contested call on guard David Ogolla separated a charged Strathmore Blades and Ulinzi Warriors contest by half a basket. The call that left Blades with a bitter pill to swallow saw forward William Otieno go to the line with five seconds left to wrap up the game.

 He canned one shot and deliberately missed the second to wind down the clock ending the thrilling affair. Blades who were on a receiving end in the first quarter were trailing 9-21 against the soldiers before making a strong 26-11 comeback in the second quarter to take a two-point lead at the breather.

The second half was marked with defensive battle with the soldiers maintaining their traditional grip against a Blades side that was determined to make it a double over the soldiers for the second season in a row.

Ulinzi went ahead to win the third quarter 17-19 to tie the game at 52 ups and set a stage for a thrilling fourth quarter.

 The final quarter served to be the thrilling part of the game despite being the lowest scoring quarter. With seven seconds to play, Blades’ sharp-shooter Henry Omondi drilled a three point shot that tied the game at 60.

A drive by Ulinzi to the basket was interrupted by a call on David Ogolla who initially thought it was an offensive call on his opponent but it turned out to be a blocking foul. Ulinzi’s William Otieno then headed to the line to separate the contested affair by drilling one of his two free throws.

 Ulinzi’s Collins Ouko nailed 10 points while Blades’ Samwel Mogoko replied with 12.

 In other match played at the same venue, USIU Tigers squeezed a narrow 83-80 win past Lions in a match Ancette Wafula scored 39 points.

KU oryx   28/60          vs          Western delight   15/47

10/18/13/19                               07/08/17/15

25 pts Betty Kananu                  11 pts Cathy Wabala

10 pts Jannet Shikuku

Equity Bank   55/114     vs        Parklands    13/48

30/25/22/37                             06/07/08/27

19 pts Vincent Onsongo           10 pts Richard Adega

18 pts James Billy Wanjiku

Zetech   30/70            vs          Worldhope   25/74

12/18/11/23/06                        14/11/25/14/10

17 pts Joshua Okumu                23 pts Samuel Siocha

13 pts Brian Kowino

Coopbank    25/59      vs        Storms    22/55

12/13/25/09                          06/16/21/12

14 pts Linnet Mukiri               13 pts Angela Luchivya

12 pts Mercy Etyang     

Strathmore   35/60      vs        Ulinzi     32/61

09/26/17/08                           21/11/19/10

13 pts Samuel Mogoko           20 pts Tiberius Menya

11 pts Samuel Odera               16 pts William Ochieng

USIU Tigers   42/83       vs        Lions    30/80

17/25/21/20                            14/16/21/29

14 pts Victor Bosire                  39 pts Ancette Wafula

14 pts Kevin Macharia             20 pts Tobias Onyango

12 pts Chris Mulumba


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