Terrorists tame Lions at Nyayo

Terrorists tame Lions at Nyayo

Terrorists tame Lions at Nyayo

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University of Nairobi Terrorists on Sunday pricked Lions with a three points’ advantage taking the day with a 66-63 win in a premier league match played at the Nyayo stadium gymnasium.

Leading the Lions 34-23 at half time, the students remained resilient in the second period to deny the recharged Lions a winning comeback. Lions won the last two quarters 23-16,17-16 but it was surely not enough to curb the Terrorists.

Lions’ Tobias Onyango was the highest scorer in the match bagging 19 individual points while team mate Victor Ochieng had 18 points.

Collins Odhiambo was the highest scorer for the stud nets with 15 points.

In other matches of the day, Ulinzi defeated KPA 71-68 while USIU Tigers lost to Thunder 61-69.


NYTA SHIMBA     00        VS      SAFE SPACES    20

K.P.A.   30/73           VS         KCA-U    08/20


NAKURU CLUB    00      VS      BLAZERS   20


UPPER HILL  18/45       VS       K.A.A.   39/68

13/05/13/14                                13/26/21/08

14 pts Joseph Ongoro                 14 pts Vito Khote

EAGLE WINGS  28/70     VS      STORMS   22/42

16/12/20/22                                  14/08/10/10

17 pts Vilma Achieng                  12 pts Susan Akinyi

16 pts Natalie Akinyi

USIU FLAMES   36/64       VS      STRATHMORE  26/55

23/13/17/11                                   14/12/10/19

16 pts Hilda Indasi                        22 pts Mellisa Akinyi

15 pts  Emma Nyakweba

USIU  TIGERS   31/61         VS       THUNDER   29/69

15/16/16/14                                      14/15/21/19

17 pts Victor Bosire                          12 pts Griffin Ligare

11 pts Chris Mulumba                       10 pts  Aleu Dhol

LIONS   23/63           VS                TERROR    34/66

09/14/23/17                                    20/14/16/16

19 pts Tobias Onyango                   15 pts Collins Odhiambo

18 pts Victor Ochieng                     11 pts  Brian Namulata

ULINZI    21/71         VS            K.P.A.    40/68

13/08/28/22                                25/15/18/10

21 pts Joseph Ngoshi                  14 pts Dickson Aaran

14 pts Collins Ouko                     11 pts Ariel Okall


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