Orero: Basketball AGM to go on as planned

Orero: Basketball AGM to go on as planned

Orero: Basketball AGM to go on as planned

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Kenya Basketball Federation official Peter Orero has said the Annual General Meeting (AGM) set for Saturday afternoon at the Nyayo gymnasium will go on as planned. Orero rubbished claims by basketball players that the AGM notice did not follow constitutional guidelines requesting anyone who has queries to present them at the meeting.

 The players claim that the Federation deliberately omitted audited accounts from the AGM Notice as required by the constitution. According to the players’ spokesman Dennis Dikembe, “the management of basketball in Kenya is at its lowest and needs action from all stakeholders to save the game from sinking deeper.”

 The players claim KBF have clearly flouted Article 17 of the constitution which clearly states that “b) At least 21 (twenty one) clear days notice of the meeting shall be given to all members and such notice shall specify the place, date and time of the meeting…… and that  “All notices shall be accompanied by a copy of the audited accounts of the Federation for the period ending 31st December.”

 But Orero says “Players have no business being involved in the AGM. Their business is to play basketball and they should not become politicians. If they want to be in politics they should quit playing.” He said.

 Orero said all audited accounts were sent to the team managers of the respective clubs, “There are regulations in management and the players should not expect audited accounts to be sent to them. They should ask their team managers who represent them at the AGM.” He continues.

 He accused the players of being manipulated by their political rivals, “People should understand that we held elections and we won fair and square period. Whoever has a problem should wait until the next elections instead of using players to try fight their own wars. We know who is behind all this.”

He adds that the KBF is the best run Federation in Kenya with no scandals and that  those “making noise” should concentrate their energies elsewhere , “We are the best run Federation in Kenya. We don’t have any money scandals and we run our affairs very professionally. So the AGM will go on as planned.”

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