Ligare guides Thunder to slim win over Blazers

Ligare guides Thunder to slim win over Blazers

Ligare guides Thunder to slim win over Blazers

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Griffin Ligare’s 25 points on Saturday made the difference for his Thunder team as they registered a slim 52-58 (15-09, 06-16, 22-13, 09-20) win over Nairobi Aviation in one of the Premier League matches played at the Nyayo gymnasium.

Aviation had an inconsistent performance starting off brightly in the first quarter with a 15-09 win. However, this form slumped terribly in the second quarter as they only managed to gather six points against Thunder’s 16.

Despite the aviators recovering to win the third quarter 22-13, Thunder were by all means the best finishers sealing off the win with a powerful 20-09 win in the final quarter.

In other matches played at the same gym, Storms had an easy walk past Mennonites posting comfortable 68-36 win.

KU Oryx had a slim two points advantage over KCA-U winning 36-34  in  a balanced match.

Nakuru club  19/41         vs        Ulinzi  34/58

07/11/16/07                                19/18/09/13

13 pts Michael Kariuki                13 pts Collins Ooko

KPA  36/75               vs       W/delight   09/31

17/19/16/23                              05/04/12/10

19 pts Brenda Angeshi              09 pts Paula Okwiri

16 pts Evelyn Akoth

KPA    35/73         vs             Terror    15/39


World hope  25/55      vs        Little prince  27/60

10/15/13/17                              14/13/13/19

15 pts Maxwell Oduor                19 pts Elvis Mwangi

12 pts Augustine Mumica           12 pts Fidel Muga

Storms  31/68           vs           Mennonites  17/36

10/21/17/20                              10/07/00/15

35 pts Susan Akinyi                   08 pts Tabitha Mutheu

K.U Oryx  17/34       vs         KCA-U  11/36

06/11/05/12                           07/04/13/12

19 pts Betty Kananu                17 pts Rebecca Nkatha

                                                  11 pts Lydia Imbati

Umoja  25/67          vs         K.U Pirates  22/65

15/10/18/24                           22/09/10/24

15 pts Rodgers Ombati           15 pts Gilbert Obiero

15 pts Erick Muthoro

Nrb aviation  21/52    vs           Thunder   25/58

15/06/22/09                            09/16/13/20

10 pts Job Byron                      25 pts Griffin Ligare

                                                    10 pts Bernet Ojay

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