Flames Scorch Swords, Eagle Wings dominate Storms

Flames Scorch Swords, Eagle Wings dominate Storms

Flames Scorch Swords, Eagle Wings dominate Storms

USIU team players

USIU Flames led by Hilda Indasi and Zippy Adhiambo beat their rivals Strathmore Swords 64-55 in a charged KBF Classic league encounter played at the Nyayo gymnasium on Sunday.

Swords, the first to bury the first two baskets from forward Paulyne Oketh went on to lose the first quarter 23-14 followed by a narrow 13-12 loss in the second to trail by seven points at the halftime break.

The second half began with Flames maintaining their quick tempo that had carried them all through the game to win the third quarter 17-10 giving Swords a false hope of catching up in the game.

Charged Swords returned to dominate the final quarter but their efforts were a late call since USIU were already enjoying a 14-point lead and were still battling to widen the gap. Swords wrapped up the game with an 11-19 win in the final quarter to erase Flames’ lead by nine points.

Zippy and Hilda combined for 16 points each while Swords’ Mellisa Akinyi nailed a game high of 21 points.

Earlier, defending champions, Eagle Wings whipped Storms 70-42 in a game that the loser contested only in the first half despite losing 16-14 and 12-8 in the first and second quarters respectively. A merciless Eagle Wings then charged in the second half winning 20-10 and 22-10 in the third and fourth quarters respectively.

Vilma Achieng notched 19 points for the winners while Susan Akinyi replied with 12.   


NYTA SHIMBA     00        VS      SAFE SPACES    20

K.P.A.   30/73           VS         KCA-U    08/20


NAKURU CLUB    00      VS      BLAZERS   20


UPPER HILL  18/45       VS       K.A.A.   39/68

13/05/13/14                                13/26/21/08

14 pts Joseph Ongoro                 14 pts Vito Khote

EAGLE WINGS  28/70     VS      STORMS   22/42

16/12/20/22                                  14/08/10/10

17 pts Vilma Achieng                  12 pts Susan Akinyi

16 pts Natalie Akinyi

USIU FLAMES   36/64       VS      STRATHMORE  26/55

23/13/17/11                                   14/12/10/19

16 pts Hilda Indasi                        22 pts Mellisa Akinyi

15 pts  Emma Nyakweba

USIU  TIGERS   31/61         VS       THUNDER   29/69

15/16/16/14                                      14/15/21/19

17 pts Victor Bosire                          12 pts Griffin Ligare

11 pts Chris Mulumba                       10 pts  Aleu Dhol

LIONS   23/63           VS                TERROR    34/66

09/14/23/17                                    20/14/16/16

19 pts Tobias Onyango                   15 pts Collins Odhiambo

18 pts Victor Ochieng                     11 pts  Brian Namulata

ULINZI    21/71         VS            K.P.A.    40/68

13/08/28/22                                25/15/18/10

21 pts Joseph Ngoshi                  14 pts Dickson Aaran

14 pts Collins Ouko                     11 pts Ariel Okall

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