Bitter Nairobi tour for former basketball champions

Bitter Nairobi tour for former basketball champions
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Bitter Nairobi tour for former basketball champions

Strathmore Swords shocked former champions with a deserved 48-45 victory fueled by a third quarter run that saw the helpless dock women forced to a series of turnovers, thanks to outstanding defense by one Rachel Opinya.

Swords, in a bullish mood from onset fell to KPA in the first half losing out 7-10 and a close 15-16 in the first and second quarters respectively. The third quarter turned out be one sided as Opinya cornered KPA’s guard Brenda Angeshi extending KPA’s frustration in the court. Grace Wanjiku had her green touch on at the right moment nailing clutch three-point shots while Mellisa Akinyi punished the dock women on fast breaks that had no replies to wrap up the quarter at 18-7.

KPA’s attempt go get into the game during the final quarter were watered down by their third quarter mistakes despite a 8-12. Grace Wanjiku and Mellisa bagged 15 and 9 points respectively for Swords while KPA’s Everlyne Akoth had 9 ponits.

KPA returned to the court but against another dreaded opponent, Storms, who bullied them in all but the second quarter of the game to ensure that the coastal side left Nairobi without a win. Storms won the first contested quarter 11-10 but were forced to 14 all tie in the second. A poor run in the second half turned out to haunt KPA again with Storms drubbing them 14-8 and 21-9 respectively in the final two quarters of the game to end the thrilling but tensed game 60-42.

Storms Susan Akinyi had 15 points while Brenda Angeshi replied with 11 for her side.

Meanwhile defending champions Eagle Wings extended their dominance over COOP Bank ladies with 65-58 win in a game played on Friday Night. Eagle Wings won all but the final quarter of the game at 16-12, 15-11; 15-12 and 19-23 respectively.

In this match, Janet Akoth buried 16 points for Wings thanks to her triple three-point shots while COOP’s Vilma Achieng had 9 points.


Little Prince   29/54          vs          Equity    34/64

09/20/13/12                                   17/17/12/18

21 pts  Victor Okoth                       20 pts  Vincent Onsongo

10 pts Elvis Mwangi                     12 pts  Ian Wachie

K.a.a.    38/71               vs            Strathmore   37/77

20/18/13/20                                 24/13/26/14

15 pts Evans Ochieng                  19 pts Peter Shilton

15 pts Vincent Anyim                  15 pts  Huga Ayara

Storms    25/60           vs             KPA    24/42

11/14/14/21                               10/14/08/09

18 pts  Susan Akinyi                   15 pts  Brenda Angeshi 

18 pts  Sylvia Omollo                 08 pts  Volnet Wanyama

Zetech    27/60          vs            KCA-u     24/57

11/16/26/07                              16/08/16/17

12 pts  Felix Omondi                 21 pts  Gerald Mwangi

11 pts  Kisali Mtwa                   11 pts  George Obumbo

Coopbank   48/100      vs         Mennonites   16/38

21/27/20/32                             12/04/08/14

28 pts  Tony Abondo                 24 pts  Kooshin Diliwe

13 pts  Salim Ali                        10 pts  Felix Ochieng

12 pts  Erick Odhiambo       

NRB Aviation   28/58     vs        KPA.    38/91

16/12/21/09                            23/15/22/31

22 pts  Job Byron                    26 pts  Ariel Okall

11 pts  Paul Nyakinda             16 pts  Martin Gitonga