Acid test awaits Blades in Basketball league action

Acid test awaits Blades in Basketball league action

Acid test awaits Blades in Basketball league action

Strathmore Blades could be sitting at the top of the classic premier league but face two tricky games over the weekend that could see them dislodged to a far position five, six or even seven. The University side has only five losses same to lions but a better match-up against Lions leave Blades as the top team currently.

Losses in the hands of Terror, COOP Bank, KPA, Ulinzi and USIU are the only ones suffered by Tonny Ocheing’s charges this season, a good improvement from their last two seasons. However, their stay at the top is not guaranteed unless they win their last two games of the season against league bigwigs, KPA and Lions.

 Mathematically, Lions, KPA, Thunder and defending champions, COOP Bank have a chance of finishing top of the regular season. To begin with, Lions have only five losses and winning their remaining regular season games leaves them pretty at the top of the table.

KPA, COOP Bank and Thunder all have six losses and should either Lions or Blades lose a single match while they win the remaining games, then the federation goes back to working out head-to-head records.

Blades however have one advantage over Thunder lying in the fact that they beat them in their two meetings this season. Blades also catch a break against COOP Bank having beaten the defending champions by a massive thirty four points in their second leg meeting. This means that should Blades lose out a single of their remaining two games, then they could still finish ahead of COOP Bank even if the bankers win their remaining games.

Blades well know that game of numbers often work against teams and they have only one option; win their remaining two games starting this weekend and a top slot decider against Lions on the 27th of this month at the Nyayo gymnasium. This reality check gives Blades a wake-up call that their trio of Joseph Owino, Allela Cliff and SamwelOdera should be at their peak to wrap up the regular season in style and earn their side a maiden top seed for the playoffs.

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