July 18, 2024

Wadi Degla Clubs

Wadi Degla Clubs

Name Wadi Degla Clubs



Located at : Piedmont Plaza, 1st Floor, Ngong Road, Nairobi

Wadi Degla Clubs

Wadi Degla Holding is a company that operates in a number of countries across the globe. Something noteworthy about Wadi Degla is its success in creating a bouquet of operations with many faces encompassing everything from sports facilities, telecommunications, to real estate developments as well as industrial projects. Most importantly, they have established a name within the sports industry after the successful establishment and operation of its private club in Maadi. Their success has also gone beyond the Maadi. They have acquired and established operations in a number of nations including Kenya

Kenya Clubs

Wadi Degla Kenya has its clubs in Runda and Migaa Estates

Runda Estate Clubs

Professional Sports Academies

4 Main Sports Academies

  • Arsenal Soccer Academy
  • Darwish Squash Academy
  • Swim America Swimming Academy
  • Wadi Degla Tennis Academy
  • Wakiihuri Athletics Academy

Sports Facilities

  • Squash Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Soccer Field
  • Multi-purpose court
  • Training pool
  • Jogging track
  • Walking track

Leisure and Health Facilities

  • Clubhouse
  • Bar
  • Restaurants
  • Food Outlets
  • Indoor and Outdoor Seating Areas
  • Kids playground
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Kids Pool
  • Fun Pool

General Facilities

  • Shops
  • Parking 284 cars capacity

Migaa Estate Club is opening soon in Kiambu, Migaa Estate.

How to join Wadi Degla Clubs