April 17, 2024

Uprising Youth Football Academy

Uprising Youth Football Academy

Name Uprising Youth Football Academy



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Uprising Youth Football Academy

UPRISING YOUTH FOOTBALL ACADEMY,  is located in Shibuche Butere Sub County Kakamega County. This is a community based academy and We train young boys,under 17,14 and 10. Our Academy has 3 volunteer coaches with 60 registered boys .Apart from football,we also ttake them through Holistic trainng that helps them learn  how to be responsible citizens with emphasis on academics . We occassionally  engaged in social corprate resposnility  work like cleanups etc.Our slogan,MAKE IT SIMPLE,does not only reflect the kind of football we want them to play but also in life generally.Most of the boys are disadvantaged some even orphans.We are still working on higlighting our efforts to the community as well us to our parents. We have hope in the potential and the passion that keeps us pushing on being optimistic that with support, we will produce high quality players and bring back the glory of our region as the land of stars.

Jonfranko Mukoko

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