May 28, 2024

Totosports Academy

Totosports Academy

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Totosports Academy


What generates the phenomenal energy behind the Academy is the founders’ desire to empower the youth such that they become productive participants in Kenya's long-term economic and social development. We see TSA evolving into an institution in the forefront of dynamic social development programmes providing critical interventions and social support systems, and are determined to achieve this by giving the young boys and girls the chance to survive and acquire the essential tools of life: an opportunity to succeed. We believe that the fundamental needs of a productive young person are nutrition, health, education, skills, and self-confidence; and endeavor to empower them through a sport-based programme that combines the complementary disciplines of sport and academic study and mentorship; to mould young men and women of character - future leaders. 

We interact with over 200 plus kids every week at the academy, schools and the community from different socio – economic backgrounds ages 4 years (who are learning the basics of the game) to youth who are 17 and above years old. TSA also groom elite players who aspire to turn professional one day and are committed to ensuring that our soccer academy offers top-level soccer training, peer education and life skills with the objective of guiding players in achieving their maximum potential in life and the beautiful game soccer. 

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