May 28, 2024

Sadili Oval Sports Academy

Sadili Oval Sports Academy

Name Sadili Oval Sports Academy



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Sadili Oval Sports Academy

Sadili is a social enterprise that uses sports and education to empower children and youth to improve their health, reduce poverty and improve learning for a better future. Sports is the single-most influential medium that cuts across all cultural and social barriers and provides opportunity to influence behavioral change, and provide a means for social integration.

"Sadili" comes from a Kiswahili term, meaning "well-being"


Winner of the "Spirit Of The Land" Award 2003 from the International Olympic Committee at Salt Lake City Olympics for our Sports For Life Programme, GFOrSE Award in Japan in 2003, PTR Humanitarian of the Year Award in USA in 2004. Selected as the model Centre for Excellence for Africa by UNEP and Global Sports Alliance (GSA) in August 2001.

Our history

Sadili Oval Sports Academy has its beginnings as a swamp that became a reclaimed dumpsite near the Kibera slums, a situation complicated by an open sewer from 7 estates of 500 houses. Sadili later became the only available space for children from Kibera and the adjoining estates of Langata, to play sport, and learn life skills and environmental leadership.

What we do

Through sport we improve physical fitness, help children learn about rules and fair play, cope with winning and losing and do better at school work. We do this by providing lifeskill training, mentoring, coaching and facilities to more than 7,000 children annually in Kenya. We focus on Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby, Netball and Volleyball

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