June 23, 2024

Kysa International Soccer Academy

Kysa International Soccer Academy

Name Kysa International Soccer Academy



Located at : Kasarani

Kysa International Soccer Academy

The Junior & Youth Premier Academies focus on fun and competition. The difference between the Junior & Youth is the advancement of technical skills and transfer of speed to the game. Players are instructed to learn the nuances of technical refinement and ball control. The primary learning environment will be created through Circuit Training. This Academy includes: shooting, dribbling, passing, receiving, heading, tackling, movements with and without the ball—as well as positional responsibilities. Academy participants will be split into ability appropriate groups;

Team that register together will train together; and if necessary, other players will be added to fill a team. Junior & Youth members play matches each evening. All commuters stay until 6:30pm.


Senior Academy (U18-U15; 8/1/9 – 31/01/13) U15 8/01/05-31/01/13

The Senior Academy focuses on functional training for specific positions and roles within team systems and formations. This program is directed by KYSA and KEFOCA nationally certified coaches only. This Academy includes: technical foundation, combination play, principles of attack and defense—as well as Individual, Small Group and Team tactics. Senior Academy participants will be split into ability appropriate groups; Teams that register together will train together; and if necessary, other players will be added to fill a team. Senior members play matches each evening. All commuters stay until 6:30pm.

SOCCER ACADEMY SERIES Boys & Girls U18-U6 (8/1/95-7/31/13)


AM = 8:30-9:45am & 10:00-11:15am / PM = 2:30-6:30pm


Individual player development within dynamic small group training. Academy players receive a Summer Soccer Academy

Series shirt, professional instruction and specialized training in small groups. 8:1 targeted player-to-coach ratio. Features

include: Moi international sports centre Kasarani facility, mastering individual skills, individual attention and establishing great training habits for the next level.

SUMMER DAY CAMPS Boys & Girls U14-U7 (8/1/99-7/31/13)

April 1-30; 9:00am-12:00pm / AUGUST 1-30; 9:00am-12:00pm

Recommended levels: ALL ARE WELCOMED

Play fun training games, learn soccer skills, make new friends. 8:30 am drop-off available. Campers will receive a camp t- shirt, soccer ball, professional supervision and will remain active throughout the week. Features include: exquisite Moi international sports centre Kasarani, fun learning activities, interactive games, and water breaks/snack time. No soccer experience is required.

STRIKER KEEPER CAMP Boys & Girls U18-U8 (8/1/95-7/31/13)

April 1-30; 8:30-6:30pm

Recommended levels: ALL WELCOME

Score great goals and save the day! Master the finer points of soccer’s most specialized and difficult positions. Campers will receive a Striker-Keeper Camp shirt, soccer ball, professional supervision and will be involved in fast-action, small-sided competitive games. Features include:  focused training specific to the needs of strikers and goalkeepers. Players will be subdivided into age-appropriate training groups.


Team Discount 6 Players Must Register Together

July 7-11

OPEN TO BOYS AND GIRLS; U18-U8 Premier, Travel, Select players Players from all clubs Welcome!

U9/U8 must commute


WORLD CUP COACHING SCHOOL Boys & Girls Campers U14-U5 (8/1/99-7/31/13)

July 30 - August 3; 5:30-7:30pm

Recommended levels: ALL WELCOME

Fun World Cup camp environment for all levels of play! Great learning atmosphere to build enthusiasm and skills. All sessions include demonstrations, small-sided games and a fun World Cup format tournament. Featuring UVA Women’s coaches and players. Players receive a World Cup Camp shirt, soccer ball and pizza party on Friday night! The Coaching School is designed to help coaches learn to prepare an effective, efficient, dynamic and fun training session for your team! Pressure-free, collegial environment to help understand the developmental capabilities of players. Coaches receive a Coaching School shirt, soccer ball and certificate. Coaching application off-line only.

COACHES OF U8 and up

Goalkeeper Academy (U18-U8; 8/1/99 - 7/31/13)

The program will be directed by KYSA GoalkeeperLeo WORLD Director, RICHARD MADEGWA. Goalkeepers are split into age-appropriate and ability appropriate groups. The program provides specialized and individualized goalkeeper instruction with the most advanced training methods. Goalkeepers will learn four key components throughout the week: technique, physical fitness, tactical and psychological. Goalkeepers will also learn to ‘own’ and dominate their penalty box. All goalkeepers are included I matches each evening.  Goalkeeper trainers JOHN BUSOLO AND ABDUL MUSA IDDI conduct the trainings.



Residential Staff. KEN OCHIENG and BRUCE KORINDA direct and oversee the KYSA INETRNATIONAL Soccer Academy. Each holds the CAF & National Youth Licenses and have over 5 years of soccer camp experience. RICHARD MADEGWA and JUMA ODHIAMBO oversee the Premier and Youth Academies; each hold CAF National C Licenses and are former PREMIER LEAGUE players. JOHN BUSOLO oversees the Goalkeeper Academy and holds the National Goalkeeping Diploma. Additional selected staff includes current and former collegiate players and coaches who hold national coaching certification. A full-time certified athletic trainer is on-site.

The KYSA INTERNATIONAL is an all ROUND, GOALKEEPER school located twenty miles from NAIROBI CITY, OPPOSITE the University of USIU & SAFARI PARK HOTEL & CASINO. The COMPLEX, comprised of nearly 800 acres, lies at the foot of KASARANI and DANDORA Campers will have access to the best facilities including: modern dormitories, over six acres of playing fields, field house, pool, CONFERENCE HALLS, 5000-seat auditorium, and camp store and lounge with pool/ping-pong and A MODERN GYM!

How to join Kysa International Soccer Academy