June 13, 2024

Elite Soccer Academy

Elite Soccer Academy

Name Elite Soccer Academy



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Elite Soccer Academy


Elite soccer academy was founded in September 2011. The founders are Yoga Komagazani and Ali Kiplagat both hold the position as team managers assisted by Benson Njoroge who is the administrator.

Elite SA originally started with only u-17 boys. The team has been growing from strength to strength and was registered with the Ministry of Sports and became affiliated to Football Kenya Federation in 2012.

Elite SA is situated at De Paul Centre along Langata road opposite Nairobi Academy in Karen. Currently the academy has over 70 players only boys in five age groups, this has been a vast improvement in all fields.

The academy is working on a development plan. The development plan is aimed at scouting for the talented football players around Nairobi. The development of these scouted football talents and their exposure to international scouts, coaches, clubs and licensed football agents.
The plan also has one big achievement on the agenda: to get the first generation of football talents of the Elite Soccer Academy into the county and provincial League in Kenya next year. Currently Elite SA plays in NO LEAGUE.

Elite SA also participates in friendly matches country wide. Elite SA is currently one of the best youth side in the nation. The team is full of soccer experience, athleticism and pure love for the game of soccer. Each player brings a unique strength that is shared, developed and shaped to define this exceptional team.

The academy enjoys a lot of success there. The team is full of soccer experience, athleticism and pure love for the game of soccer. Each player brings a unique strength that is shared, developed and shaped to define this exceptional team. Individual players with international playing experience share their talents to raise the abilities of the entire team. 

Although these youngsters are all exceptional athletes, they are also academically proficient. Since the players come from different areas in Nairobi, to practice and play together, it is a testament to their dedication and discipline that they are able to balance their academic and athletic endeavours with such a high degree of success.

The majority of players hope and aspire to play professional football soon which is the ultimate goal of the Elite SA.

Elite SA has highly qualified team of coaches and administration personel who work tirelessly to give the boys the chance to progress up the football career ladder.

Elite SA have thrived on challenges and grown as a team when faced with strong competition. Much of the success of this team can be attributed to first class coaching and training. Coach Papy and Ali bring an enormous amount of practical playing and coaching experience to the team. As keen observers of the game, coaches have always been able to develop each player's individual skills to enhance the team as a whole. The achievements of the team are a reflection of these coaches.

Elite SA has no external sponsors yet although it has a potential to market any big brand.

The football academy is simply the embodiment of their motto: dream,believe and achieve.

The young players at the academy are always conscious of the values and standards expected of all those who represent the club at all levels. Elite SA is deeply committed to all- round development of the players in its care.


  1. To acquire mini stadium for Elite Soccer Academy
  2. To have a modern and reliable transport system for the team (Bus)
  3. To gain promotion to the national premier soccer league by 2018
  4. To secure full sponsorship for their activities and programmes eg international tournament.


We want to contribute positively in sports by maximizing the untapped potential that Kenya has and becoming the best soccer centre in Africa.

Our mission is to bring out the best of every child by giving him/her an opportunity to develop a passion for responsibility, perspective, discipline, a good character and perseverance through teamwork while empowering our children to act positively in their society. We offer them the opportunity to reach their true potential in life and claim a better future for Africa.


  • Commitment: we ensure every child develop to their fullest potential.
  • Excellence: we promote high standards and quality in our players.
  • Players focus: we ensure the highest quality coaching available.
  • Partnership: we create positive relationship with others (e.g. soccer clubs and academies etc…)
  • Accountability: we produce results and take responsibility for quality.
  • Trust: we earn respect and confidence of others.
  • Ethics: we serve with integrity, selflessness and commitment.


  • Bring out the best of each player.
  • To get our children to play in high level and quality soccer.
  • To shape and sharpened a direct our children towards a course of action to become a better people.
  • To enable our children to realize their true potential without interference
  • To use soccer as important avenue to encourage social integration and equity
  • To equip our children with good work ethics to promote a spirit of excellence, dedication and discipline.
  • To change them from a nobody to somebody

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