July 18, 2024

Cheza Sports Academy

Cheza Sports Academy

Name Cheza Sports Academy

Contact: +254796329200


Located at : South B Railway Training Institute

Cheza Sports Academy

Cheza Sports Academy has the aspiration of discovering, nurturing, developing, and enhancing the growth of potential talent in football through youth programs. Hence, it exists with the sole of ensuring the development of all–rounded young football professionals with the ability to keep the football game more vibrant than ever before. In order to achieve its objective and goals of producing the best talents for professional league clubs within and abroad with young players, the academy endeavors to develop an academy that accommodates categories starting from 4 – 23 years.

Cheza Sports is situated in South B area where it utilizes the facilities of the Railway Training Institute (R.T.I) mainly the playground. These facilities are ideal for our course, we offer football scholarships to talented footballers from less fortunate backgrounds in Mukuru slums. Additional sponsorship is welcomed to establish a sound capital base for the academy.

How to join Cheza Sports Academy

+254796329200 https://chezasports.co.ke