February 23, 2024

Top Gyms in Kenya

Gym Yetu

The best underground gym in Nairobi is an all ladies’ gym. Known by the name Gym Yetu, the name has become a trade mark in the region and very popular among ladies who have fitness goals beyond just acquiring a curvy body ..

Mombasa Zumba Fitness

Zumba fitness is a way to express your creative side through dance and at the same time burning between 600 and 1000 calories in 60 minutes as well as burn lots of fats thus maintain a healthy weight. That is what Mombasa Zumba ..

Ayana Wellness Center

Be Healthy, Be Happy! Ayana Wellness Center is a one stop shop for everyone who wants to have a fit and healthy lifestyle, feel younger, confident and renewed. She advocates for this kind of lifestyle ..

Fitness 4 Life Gym

If you are looking to get your fitness level to new heights, look no more! Mombasa has interesting places to give you just the kind of environment that suits such dreams. One such environment is the fitness for life Gym ..

The Laico Regency Hotel

The LAICO Regency hotel, formerly known as the Grand Regency Hotel is a five-star hotel located in the heart of Nairobi Central Business District, the capital city of Kenya and the business hub for East and Central Africa. Stan ..


The aim of BussFit has always been to treat its clients to a fresh encounter in a fresh environment out in the bush. The clients get together for the weekend and go out to a striking location out there in the bush, to work out ..

Gold’s Gym

This fitness center is located in the heart of one of Kenya’s talent breeding population and ground. Most notably the best among the best in a community that has little to look for in fitness since it is in the heart of l ..

Zarnash Gym: Health And Fitness Center

For Businesses and individuals who desire to improve their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Zarnash Health and Fitness Center provides such a platform. From body fitness, Cardio and other training services to availabili ..

Flex Fitness Place - Westlands

The location of Flex Fitness Place fit all the tenets of the best gym in Westlands. The compound is large enough to have an ample parking space area for all its clients with security assured. It has a well-designed gym and card ..

Mom3ntum Fitness

Mom3ntum is a fitness studio that focuses on non-traditional exercise regimes. they offer classes, personal training, and corporate wellness in an exciting, educational and convenient way. Mom3ntum Fitness ensures that every cl ..