Top Gyms in Kenya

Lystra Gym And Spa

Lystra Gym and Spa is a place where one can enjoy all the services that contribute to their physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. There is a unique approach to fitness that is offered from Lystra Gym and Spa, which is locat ..

Fit Lady Gym

In this day and age, you find a fleet of ladies thronging fitness centres because of a longing to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keep fit and get in shape. Together with these longings, are the increasing needs for privacy. Fit ..

Mombasa Sports Club

Since its establishment in 1896, Mombasa Sports Club has progressively offered its clientele an ambient environment to socialize, interact while relaxing or playing a wide variety of indoor and outdoor sports is located in the ..

Samto Fitness Center

Endowed with Space in a prime location and in its compound, Samto offers unrivaled fitness facilities in the heart of Nairobi. It is located in Nairobi West, Opposite Deep West Hotel and can comfortably house 100 members. Membe ..

Kariobangi South Gym

Kariobangi South Gym is one of the local community gyms in Kariobangi South, an Estate that was known to host the Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC) civil servants, East of the Nairobi Central Business District. The gym is equi ..

J.J.M Gym

Umoja Estate benefits a lot from J.J.M Gym. It is one of the very few gyms that can be found in this estate. The fitness studio is not as elaborate as a standard gym, yet it serves the purpose for the residents here. The creati ..

Mpala Research Center And Wildlife Foundation

In the heart of Central Kenya’s Laikipia County lies Mpala, a research center for everything related to wildlife, right from parasites to elephants. It is a home to the endangered Grey Zebras and over 7000 elephants on ov ..

Fahari Gardens Hotel Health And Fitness Center

Fahari hotel is a privately-owned hotel located along Utawala road in Embakasi off the Eastern bypass that developed from Fahari Gardens which was opened in 2007. The hotel consists of: two bars, two restaurants, three conferen ..

Zarnash Gym: Health And Fitness Center

For Businesses and individuals who desire to improve their health and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Zarnash Health and Fitness Center provides such a platform. From body fitness, Cardio and other training services to availabili ..

Mvita Gym

One unique…, well, two unique things about Mvita Gym is that you are not going to get such kind of quality information about your health in palatable article formats. And secondly, not at such a low price of only KES 120 ..