Reprieve as the Starlets take off for Maseru

Reprieve as the Starlets take off for Maseru

Reprieve as the Starlets take off for Maseru

After hours of delay and waiting at the Bloemfontein airport in South Africa, the Kenyan U-20 girls’ soccer team finally got traveling means after efforts by the leader of delegation Angelina Mwikali in conjunction with the local federation FKF managed to secure local transport for the team.

FKF technical director Patrick Naggi was in constant contact with the team and has assured the players are now in good shape and on their way to Maseru.

“There was a slight delay but we have secured transport for them to Maseru and all is well.” He said.

According to information gathered, it is approximately three hours of bus ride from Bloemfontein to Maseru where the Starlets will stay and play in a return leg match against their hosts Lesotho. Lesotho is located inside South Africa and it is expected the girls will be received by the local federation at the border town before crossing into Lesotho hoping no more delays will be encountered.

It is a common practice by the hosting federation to frustrate visiting teams especially at point of entry and in hotel bookings.

The Kenyan team departed Nairobi on Friday night shortly after 9:00PM Kenyan time and arrived in Johannesburg four hours later. They then connected to Bloemfontein where they arrived early on Saturday morning.

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