Kenyan Starlets stranded in Bloemfontein

Kenyan Starlets stranded in Bloemfontein

Kenyan Starlets stranded in Bloemfontein

The Kenyan Starlets landed safely in Johannesburg South Africa early on Saturday morning shortly after 1:00AM. The team was however left stranded for hours at the Bloemfontein airport raising tension and anxiety in the team’s camp as players resorted to sleep on their bags at the airport, hungry, frustrated and feeling desolate.

After landing in Johannesburg, the team took another connecting flight to Bloemfontein in South Africa where they were held up for over five hours waiting for the hosts bus to drive them to Maseru. By the time of going to press, the team was still at the airport.

Things got worse for the Kenyan girls as the cold in South Africa is unbearable coming with heavy rains that pounded the city on Saturday morning.

It is a three hours minutes drive to Maseru from Bloemfontein where the girls are expected to play against their hosts at the Maseru national stadium on Sunday in a world Cup qualifying match.

The Kenyan team expected to have a feel of the Maseru national stadium later on Saturday afternoon but the queens looked desolate, worn out and frustrated at the airport just needing a bed to rest, if they will finally get a team bust to drive them to Maseru that is.

The match will be played on Sunday 11th December.

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