U-15 Player accidentally shoots teammate with homemade gun

U-15 Player accidentally shoots teammate with homemade gun

U-15 Player accidentally shoots teammate with homemade gun

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There was panic on Saturday in South B when a young U-15 player Victor Onyango was accidentally shot by his team mate with a homemade gun picked from the roadside. The player was among a group of Cheza Afrika players who were waiting to head for a Youth tournament in Nairobi’s South B estate.

According to witnesses, the two were playing with the unsuspected dangerous gadget when one of them pulled what looked like a spring trigger at the edge of the device only to release a bullet into his team mates head.

As narrated by one of the team’s coach Collins Olimba who was present at the scene of the incident, “The players were seated at gate entrance of Railway Training Institute when one of them picked an unknown object from the flower vase, a rusty metal with a spring and a pull rode. Coaches were about 30 yards away when we heard a sound of a gunshot, thinking it was the children playing with "baruti". One of us rushed to the source of the noise to reprimand the offender. Surprisingly he met one kid down on the ground bleeding profusely while the rest standing scared to death.”

“The injured player shouted calling for help, we rushed to the kid and in much effort tried to act on stopping the bleeding, the depth of the wound and volumes of blood meant we could not do anything more consequently in no time we rushed the kid to a nearby dispensary. Fortunately the doctor was about to open and he immediately started duty when we arrived. The supposed tool that caused the damage, a shaft like rod with a pull string was with us, one of the senior player accompanying us told me those were the guns used by thugs in the slums. I therefore proceeded back to the venue to check for the bullet hoping it was not in the child's head; I couldn't find any.”  

“It was then needful we inform the parent on the matter. Sadly only the mother and brother could help but not financially since the dad is home ill, moreover the family is not stable financially. We dedicated most of the registration fees for the Tournament on having the kid attended to and also received help from one parent whom we must thank. Back at the scene, one of our coaches who was present recorded a statement with the police.”

 “The doctor referred us to Mbagathi hospital for an X- ray. At Mbaghathi they referred the case to Kenyatta Hospital where scans indeed revealed the bullet was lodged in the boys head but luckily it had not hit the skull. We then headed back to the first doctor who successfully removed the bullet from the boys head and he is now in good stable condition. We thank God for the miracle.”

The injured boy is recovering well at home while the one who accidentally pulled the trigger is also reported to be shaken and traumatized.

Above Photo of  the bullet that was removed from the boy's head.

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