Michezo Afrika Productions

Michezo Afrika Productions

About Us

Michezo Afrika Media is a fast growing Media Services Production company in Kenya offering quality modern services that meet the needs of our clients in line with the ever developing technology. Ours is a commitment to creatively deliver quality services efficiently using television and photographic images not only to tell our clients’ story but to help transform the world.

We provide photography and Video production services ranging from camera work, scripting, concept development, video editing, directing, film licensing, special pass processing and film location scouting.

Our team has specialized in Television Documentary production, feature stories, Voice Over development and narration, special track creation for specific video productions, music videos production, feature films scripting and development, graphic and motion design, Corporate Videos, seminar coverage, special events and any other video production related events.

We have a wide range of production equipment including: Latest SONY PXW 160 Full HD Camera,  Canon 7D and DSLR gear, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro equipped editing suites as well as a wide collection of  industry standard audio recording equipment.

Michezo Afrika Filming Agents
We are accredited Film Licensing Agents in Kenya Registered with the Ministry of Information and Communication under the Department of Film Services. We offer efficient processing of film licenses, special passes and permits for both local and foreign crews.

Kenya is a free film production country and there exists no limits to how many foreign crew members can visit for a shoot at any particular time. The country has plenty of beautiful sceneries that can be used for any kind of film production.

We can also provide on location support as well as airport transfer and transport to any filming destination in the country.

Over time, Michezo Afrika has established credible and reliable networks with some of the leading modeling, voice overs and casting agencies in Kenya. We work closely with the best agencies in the region.Our team is also qualified to hold specific casting sessions and auditions to suit different clients’ needs depending on the roles and characters required.