Vision and Nkumba from Uganda Shine in Play Offs

Vision and Nkumba from Uganda Shine in Play Offs

Vision and Nkumba from Uganda Shine in Play Offs

Photo Courtesy: CAVB Press

Cairo, Egypt, March 12, 2018

The ongoing 2018 Women’s African club championship took a leap into the sixth day in Cairo Egypt, recording a number of exciting results.

Vision volleyball camp from Uganda shone against Harare city of Zimbabwe 3-1 (25-11, 25-20, 17-25, 25-15) to qualify for a ranking match for positions 9-12 on Monday at Ahly hall. Vision showed their mettle with a structured play and defense, but Harare city eventually outplayed them to win the third set 25-17. Vision continued to show their versatility and blocking strength to keep the Zimbabweans from gaining any real traction in the 4th set, winning 25-15

The same event saw Nkumba University sail through to play in the same ranking playoff of position 9-12 after beating Asec in straight sets (25-10, 25-9, 25-15) It was not a difficult match for the Ugandans, they capitalized on the poor defense line of Asec to make it home. Agaaba Astreede was Nkumba’s top scorer with 10 points and Amerghanglo Floriane got 7 points for Asec.

In other matches, teams battled it out for quarter-finals and the playoffs. Among them were the Kenya Prisons who handcuffed the Rwandan Revenue Authority (Match 38 Quarterfinal 1-8 Prisons (KEN) v Revenue (RWA) 3-0 1st set: 25-11 2nd set: 25-17 3rd set: 26-24) to earn their position in the last four. Their Kenyan Counterparts, Pipeline, also made their cut into the last four in a thrilling 3-2 ordeal (Match 40 Quarterfinal Pipeline (KEN) v Bafia (CMR) 3-2 1st set: 25-12 2nd set: 23-25 3rd set: 25-14 4th set: 23-25 5th set: 15-6) over Bafia from Cameroon.

Other matches on day 6

Play Off Match 45 DGSP (CGO) v BDF 6 (BOT) 1st set: 25-18 2nd set: 22-25 3rd set: 25-11 4th set: 23-25 5th set: 15-11 DGSP won 3-2

Play Off Match 42 INJS (CMR) v Nyong (CMR) 1st set: 25-14 2nd set: 25-9 3rd set: 25- 19 INJS won- 3-0

Play Off Match 43 Chlef (ALG) v FAP (CMR) 1st set: 25-17 2nd set: 25-22 3rd set: 25-22 Chlef Won 3-0

Match 39 Quarterfinal CFC (TUN) v Shams (EGY) 3-1 1st set: 25- 8 2nd set: 20-25 3rd set: 27-25 4th set: 25-23 CFC Won 3-1

Match 37 Quarterfinal Ahly (EGY) v Customs (NIG) 3-0 1st set: 25-13 2nd set: 25-9 3rd set: 29-27 Ahly won 3-0

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