Vihiga Queens set eyes beyond the pitch

Vihiga Queens set eyes beyond the pitch

Vihiga Queens players display their new kit

Vihiga Queens captain Inez Mango has lauded their sponsors for supporting their talent over the years.

While speaking on behalf of her team mates, Mango noted that being part of the Vihiga Queens story  has helped them keep off  societal vices like drug use and unplanned pregnancies.

The world over, Football (and sports as a whole) has become an income generating economy and it is starting to reflect, though in a small way, in the Football Kenya Federation women's premier league. 

"These sponsorships have helped us very much as girl-child. We go through much hardship given our humble backgrounds. Through their support, some of us have managed to join universities. We have also managed to help our parents back home," said Mango whose side is sponsored by Vihiga County Government and Just Be Master.

 "You know we girls are a bit complicated... The cash we earn from playing football has helped us avoid some vices that most girls and youth in general out here are exposed to," she added.

The team patron who is also the Vihiga County Assembly speaker Hasna Mudeizi promised to seek and bring more sponsors on board, and not only for the game but for the team's side development projects.

"We already have some sponsorship for our projects and we will be looking for more. All members of this team will benefit from the projects from the present and even that time when you will have moved to another team or stopped playing football," Mudeizi assured the players.

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