Two football fans turn millionaires with BETWAY jackpot

Two football fans turn millionaires with BETWAY jackpot

Two more millionaires were unveiled on Wednesday morning after John Wangechi and Ogutu Okumu shared the Sh13million jackpot from Betway.

The two shared Sh6.5million each and expressed delight at the huge winnings at a cheque hand over ceremony by Hellen Murathimi, the Betway representative in Kenya.

Wangechi 31, who works at Naivas Supermarket in Machakos said while receiving his cheque: "I am delighted to have won this bet. The surprising thing is that I am not even a football fan. I got curious to bet after watching my friends do it and win. It was my third time to play in the Jackpot," he said.

Wangechi has not planned what do with the money yet. For 27-year-old, Okumu, the joy of having won the Sh6.5million had not sunk by yesterday morning.

"It is too good to be true and until I have the cheque from Betway, that is when I'll believe it," said the 27 year old Chelsea supporter.

Ogutu has been betting for a while and had spent Sh300 to win the Sh6.5million jackpot.

"I had placed very many bets before but never won this big. I plan to tithe before making plans on what to do with the rest of the money," said the Security Officer, father of one.

Betway, also recently crowned three other Jackpot winners.  Other local Kenyans who are looking to join this illustrious list of millionaires now have more opportunities to do so, thanks to Betway’s exclusive Jackpot offering: buy four tickets and get one free.

 A free ticket enables customers to earn one free ticket for every four Jackpot tickets they buy, giving then an extra opportunity to win the main Jackpot or prizes. Customers can then bet on the Jackpot for free, and still win the main jackpot prize or bonus prizes.

 Betway also offers a range of other jackpot games where customers can hit massive paydays, as well as offering a fully integrated M-Pesa banking solution which allows for customer deposits to be placed in real-time.

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