Ramdoo wants improvement against tricky Botswana

Malkia Strikers’ Italian coach Shaileen Ramdoo has called for an improvement when the team faces Botswana in their second match at the African Women Volleyball National Championship in Cairo on Wednesday evening.

The tactician seconded to Kenya by FIVB says he was not hugely impressed with the performance of the team despite beating Algeria by straight sets in their first match on Tuesday.

“Botswana is a tricky one because they will fight for every ball. We need to be very sharp especially both setters and also in the middle. We need to be able to use all our 14 players and that will call for everybody to be ready,” Ramdoo said.

He says he was not impressed with the speed and movement of the team against Algeria, saying that they did not play according to how they train.

 “The first game is always tough sometimes it looks nervous. Algeria did not cause is problems, we caused ourselves problems. But that is something I have to make sure doesn’t happen again. It was not impressive because how we played was not how we train,” Ramdoo said.

“The tempo, the movement and aggression in reception and defense was not there today. We were a bit sluggish and it was not our usual tempo,” added the coach.

He has now asked the team to ensure they maintain their tempo despite the opposition on the other side of the net, saying the team was sluggish against Algeria because they were not as strong.

“We looked like we were playing a bit on a handbrake and sometimes it was an issue of mentality, how you take the other team. We have to play our own game regardless of who we are facing,” he stated. 

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