POLO: Samurai chasing third trophy in five weeks

POLO: Samurai chasing  third trophy in five weeks

POLO: Samurai chasing third trophy in five weeks

Samurai will be chasing a third trophy in 2016 at the Soldier’s Salute polo tournament on Saturday at the Jamhuri Park in Nairobi.

The side will be led by team patron, two goaler, Raphael Nzomo who teams up with his daughter Hiromi Nzomo (0), Karim Abbany (-1) and son Amani Nzomo (-2) the title hunt. Samurai won the Davis Cup and Maria Bencivenga Memorial Cup in January and are out to collect the third silverware.

Raphael, one of the most celebrated Kenyan polo players is excited to team up with youthful players and is positive that his outfit will win the Soldier’s Salute crown.

“I always find joy to see younger players and beginners I mentor become brilliant performers. I have played with, and against Hiromi and Amani, and watched Abbany coming up really well. We will embrace teamwork, bring out our 'A' game, have fun and hopefully win the trophy,” said the aggressive player, Raphael.

“We are going to face competition from equally good opponents, thus we are not going to leave anything to chance,” added Raphael, a former rugby international and Kenya Harlequins’ legend.

The other two lineups are Barbour and Peroni. Barbour comprises of former Nairobi Polo Club’s chairman and a one goaler Dominic Grammaticas, offensive whiz Chloe Spoerry (0.5), Kiara Shretta (-2) and Jamie Hayward (0).

The third lineup, Barbour, comprises of Kiara Shretta (-2), the fast-rising female polo maestro Chloe Spoerry (0.5), one goaler Dominic Grammaticas and Jamie Hayward (0). Illustrious teen player Mike du Toit, handicapped 1.5, captains Peroni. He leads Phylippa Marrian (0.5), Anthony Wahome (-1) and Oskar du Toit (-2) in the title chase.

The Soldiers' Salute title will be contested in a round robin format on both days (Saturday and Sunday). The tourney is one of Nairobi Polo Club's off-season event. 

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