POLO: Barbours win Soldier's Salute Cup

POLO: Barbours win Soldier's Salute Cup

Barbour are the winners of the inaugural Soldier's Salute Polo Cup played at the weekend at the Nairobi Polo Cup.Comprising of Kiara Shretta, Chloe Spoerry, Jamie Hayward and Dominic Grammaticas, Barbour won both matches in the three-team show having forced a fraction's win (4-3F) over a determined Samurai in a scintillating match.

Spoerry notched a double while Hayward and Shretta scored one each in the  action on Saturday and Sunday (two chukkas each day). 

On the losing efforts, Raphael Nzomo scored all the three goals for Samurai who played off handicap -1 whereas Barbour started with -0.5. Samurai remained determined to win this Cup to add to their two trophies won in January but this did not come to pass. 

"We worked hard enough but it was not our day. For some reason I just failed to hit in penalty two shots (30m from the posts) but converted all P5s (60m), yet this was the match determining the winner. All the same, we had fan, picked our lessons and we soldier on to fight another day," said the beaten Raphael, Samurai's patron.

In other fixtures, Barbour hammered Peroni 8-2F, Spoerry netting four goals, Hayward two and Grammaticas and Shretta scored one each. Mike du Toit chipped in the brace for Peroni. Samurai too, defeated Peroni 8-4 with Raphael as the sole scorer for the winners, and, Annthony Wahome notching in a double as Phylippa Marrian and du Toit hit in one each.

Raphael Nzomo was the top scorer, notching all the 11 goals for Samurai  in their duels as the fast rising Spoerry was second with six for the winners. 

Hayward is the organizer and sponsor of the tournament.

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