Nick Mwendwa Blasts FKF over aborted AGM

Nick Mwendwa Blasts FKF over aborted AGM

Nick Mwendwa Blasts FKF over aborted AGM

Football Kenya Federation aspiring presidential candidate Nick Mwendwa has hit out at the current Federation office led by Sam Nyamweya over the bungled Annual General Meeting that aborted last Friday in Nyamira County.

In a statement last weekend , Mwendwa who is the chairman of Kariobangi Sharks has said, “It is clear to every stakeholder of the game in Kenya and the Kenyan people that the individuals charged with the mandate to administer the game and provide leadership have lacked ideas and subsequently led us to the wrong direction for a number of years.””

On Friday, the FKF NEC announced cancellation of the AGM on grounds of insecurity after over 300 delegates turned up at the Sameta lodge for an AGM that had been planned for only 78 delegates.

Mwendwa dismissed claims by the Federation that he had hired illegal, uninvited delegates to attend the AGM “The latest claim by the FKF President that I was involved in hiring of illegal delegates at the AGM is yet another Gimmick to try and salvage a lost cause. All his claims are baseless and triggered by his fear that for the first time Delegates and football stakeholders have rejected his leadership.”

He went ahead to blame the federation for locking him and other  deserving officials out of the AGM as required by the constitution , “I was not at the AGM despite my team being 4th on the league standing and all other clubs from 1st to 6th being invited. I respected his decision and stayed away from the meeting. It has never happened before to have a general meeting whose venue is unknown and hidden to the date of the meeting, an AGM without circulation of the financial statement and the Chairman’s report in advance as required by our constitution, these are clear unambiguous violations of our constitution.”

Nick Mwendwa has declared his candidature for the position of FKF President in the coming elections as he seeks to dislodge the incumbent Sam Nyamweya, “I have offered myself for the president’s position in the quest to compete fairly and rescue our beloved game. I only ask for fairness to allow stakeholders make their choice freely. I am sure with the spirit demonstrated by delegates that the time for change is now.”

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