Mwangi to miss 2016 rally season

Mwangi to miss 2016 rally season

Steve Mwangi will miss out on the rest of 2016 Kenya rally season on a medical certificate as he has been diagnosed with a spinal related complication.

Mwangi registered his uncertainties over returning behind the wheels any time this year  “I might not be racing again this year due to a medical condition of the spine that I have been diagnosed with,” said Mwangi who seeks to abide by his doctors counsel.

Mwangi has a disc that is pressing on to his nerves, and has to get back into position before he is given a certificate of good health. He has been experiencing back pain and to confirm the imminent problem, his MRI results show that a spinal disc around his neck was out of place.

Christened Chifu, Mwangi expressed optimism that he will not go under the knife for surgery. “God will see me through, and I hope there will be no surgery,” he said. 

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