Mtaani Konnect Cup launched in Nairobi

Mtaani Konnect Cup launched in Nairobi

Mtaani Konnect Cup launched in Nairobi

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Over 200 clubs drawn from Nairobi County have confirmed their participation in the newly launched Mtaani Konnect Cup 2015 tournament. The Mtaani Konnect seven-A-side Cup tournament which has been organized by Identity Kenya will kick off from August 15 -16 2015.It’s open to all teams in Nairobi.

The tournament will consist of seven players per team (Seven a side). The main aim is to help the youth interact, put a side ethnic difference and give them an opportunity to showcase their talents.

Speaking during the official launch, Businessman and main sponsor Candy n Candy Records Chief Executive Officer Joe Kariuki, said the initiative is geared towards national healing and reconciliation, youth empowerment and will help identify upcoming talents in football especially in Estates hence the Kiswahili name (Mtaani).

“Already 50 teams have confirmed their participation which aims to bring cohesion and a forum to showcase and maximize their full potential. Registration is shs.1,000.It will be an annual event whereby in two years’ time, we might include KPL  clubs. We have involved Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and the local administration. We have lined up exciting prizes for the winners including several Motor Bikes. We are looking forward for an exciting tournament” said Kariuki.

Winners will walk away with Ksh.30, 000 inclusive of the main Trophy. The first runners up will receive Ksh. 20,000 and the second runner up receiving Ksh.10,000. Other grand prizes includes four grand motor bikes and branded ‘balls’ that will be given to tournaments best  players, best team and best coaches.

The tournament is expected to be annually, and with time, the cash prizes will increase as time goes by. Registration per team is Ksh. 1,000 and it’s ongoing with the deadline being on 10th August 2015.

With the tournament now launched, Kariuki has welcomed other partners to come on board and join hands with the main purpose being to help and nurture the talents in football as well as create job opportunities especially with other youth who will be exhibiting their art works and other talents while the tournament is going on.

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