KPL clubs given June deadline to comply with licensing rules

KPL clubs given June deadline to comply with licensing rules

SportPesa Premier League clubs have until June 30th to comply with club licensing rules or face relegation

Photo: KPL CEO Jack Oguda

The club-licensing ghost is back again to haunt Kenyan clubs which must now comply or face the axe. Kenyan Premier League (KPL) clubs have been given until June 30th   to submit their documentation ahead of the 2018-2019 Club Licensing assessment.

The Club Licensing Rules came into effect after a  FIFA Congress in Munich in 2006 and assesses clubs on five areas;  Sporting (Youth & Coaching), Infrastructure, Legal,Personnel & Administration and Finance.

After assessment, clubs that score 70% and above are fully licensed (A Criteria Green range score), those that score between 50 and 69% get a provisional licenses (B Criteria Orange range score). Anything below 50% (red range score) qualifies for relegation to the lower division from the league the club participates in.

In a press statement, KPL has urged clubs to comply and assured fairness in the process.

“The Club Licensing process will be conducted in a free and fair manner by an independent body, First Instance Body, comprising of Dr. Edwin Wamukoya, Lilian Nzile, Paul Makumi, Paul Ochieng’ and Peter Karanja.

“Clubs are urged to offer their full co-operation to the FIB and uphold a high level of integrity during the licensing process.

“Members of this body will be bound by a non-disclosure agreement and therefore contents of any documents that they will receive from clubs during this exercise will remain safe, private, and confidential. Clubs have up to Saturday, 30 June 2018 to submit their documents,” KPL wrote in a statement.

KPL has already taken club through the procedures.

Last year KPL clubs Muhoroni Youth FC, Sofapaka FC and Thika United were found to have not complied, a move that led to their relegation but Sofapaka and Thika United appealed successfully and were readmitted to the league.

Clubs that get the license ae prohibited from recourse to ordinary courts incase of disputes.

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