Kiprop denies doping allegations, accuses officials of extortion

Kiprop denies doping allegations, accuses officials of extortion

faced with doping test fail allegations, Asbel Kiprop now accuses Anti-Doping officials of extortion and breach of confidentiality

Photo : Abel Kiprop

Former 1500m Olympic Champion Asbel Kiprop has vehemently denied allegations that he failed an out of competition test for banned substance.

Kiprop through his lawyer Katwa Kigen released a statement denying allegations first published by a UK paper.

In his statement, Kiprop notes that continued silence with all the rumors flying around would have led to unfair conclusion that he was indeed guilty that is why he felt obliged to respond though reluctantly.

The three times World Champion alleges that Anti Doping Officers ,a Mr Paul Scott and Simon Karugu “Mburu” requested he avail himself on 27th November and he duly obliged after receiving the request a day earlier.

He claims he duly informed the officer that he was under flu medication and after collecting the samples, Mr Karugu requested that he gives some money which he did through mobile transfer system MPESA, records of which were available.

Money exchanges hands

“Doping Control Officers [Mr. Paul Scott and Mr. Simon Karugu “Mburu”] arrived at 7.50am, and after I had given them the urine sample Mr. Simon Karugu “Mburu” asked [for the first time in their visits] if I could give them some money. He did not specify how much they needed. At 8.11am I forwarded to them money through Mr. Simon Karugu “Mburu”’s phone using M-Pesa, ” Kiprop noted.

“As a police officer I found it wise to send by M-Pesa for record. I did not at the time expect that the request for the money had anything to do with the sample. At that time I did not see the money as inducement or bribe for anything. I gave it in good faith thinking they may have some need known to them.  In retrospect I now clearly see the money as having a relation with the sample collected on that date, and even the irregular advance notice I was given. Mr. Simon Karugu “Mburu” acknowledged verbally and audibly receiving the M-pesa money while he was seated next to Mr. Paul Scott, “ he further wrote.

Mr Kiprop further claims that he has not received any injection since 2014, the only means through which the banned EPO substance can be administered in the body.

Further, Kiprop says that he was not obliged to take the test but he did so voluntarily because he knew he was ‘clean’.

“If I had any dope substance in my system then I would not make myself available for the sampling on 27th November 2017 having been given notice on 26th November 2017 of the intended visit for the sample collection. I could choose to miss the collection without any consequences. Consequences for missing sampling meeting arise only after missing 3 times. I had not missed previously,” Kiprop noted

With his next competitive race set for May this year, and the test conducted seven months earlier, Kiprop claims that it would not have made practical sense to dope with no race near in his calendar.

“If I had wanted to dope then it would be less than clever to dope 7 months (in November 2017) long before my planned competition [in May 2018], when I would need the boost.”


Breach of confidentiality

He further laments the breach of confidentiality after he learnt of the doping results on on 3rd February 2018 then later saw the leaked information on the media.

“I was told the process of investigation and evaluating the question of whether or not there was any dope in my sample would be confidential. I have seen one of the media outlet’s reference to AIU. I am therefore surprised at how the handlers of the issue have let it out to the main media and social media and to subject me to mob trial”

For now, Kiprop says he just wants justice in his case

“ faith in God, my trust in the goodness of humanity, and my clear conscience continue to sustain me. I do not seek any favors on the matter. I only yearn for fairness and justice beyond all schemes, politics, and machinations. I insist I am innocent even if I am forsaken”

The 28-year-old won the world championship titles in 2011, 2013 and 2015.His silver in 2008 Beijing Olympics was upgraded to gold after Bahrain's Rashid Ramzi failed a drug test.

Kiprop's major breakthrough was in 2007  when he won the All-Africa Games 1500m gold, a follow up to 2007 IAAF World Cross Country Championships gold. This feat earned him the 2007 Kenyan Sports Personality of the Year Most Promising Sportsman award.

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