Kenya Volleyball League Cancelled

Kenya Volleyball League Cancelled

KVF has announced cancellation of the 2020 season following the ongoing COVID 19 Disruptions

The 2020 Kenya Volleyball Federation National League season has been cancelled following the disruption of the global normalcy by the COVID -19 pandemic.

The decision was arrived at during KVF executive committee virtual meeting last weekend.

KVF was in the process of aligning its competition calendar to that of the Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) which would see the 2020 season begin in February and conclude in July. The FIVB has reserved the period between October and April for federation competitions after which international events roll out.

Clubs will now brace up for the 2020/ 2021 season that was initially scheduled to commence in October only if the pandemic will have been contained in the country and sports activities allowed to resume operations by the government.

According to KVF,  clubs which had paid their league registration fees and also remitted their subscription levies to the federation will not have to go back to their purse for next season's payments.

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