Kenya's Anti-Doping progress impresses WADA

Kenya's Anti-Doping progress impresses WADA

Kenya's Anti-Doping progress impresses WADA

Athletes during a seminar held in Eldoret recently.

World Anti-Doping Agency is impressed with the Kenya’s progress in the fight against the use of performance enhancing drugs in the sport.

Officials from Wada said the establishment of laws aimed at curbing the problem was a good job including setting up of the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya.

“We are very impressed and I must commend Kenya for coming up with a legal framework as well as the government’s efforts in supporting the work of Adak,” Wada’s Africa Regional Office Director Rodney Swigelaar said.

Officials from Wada, Adak and Anti-Doping Norway on Tuesday signed a four-year strategic partnership to fight doping.

The move will strengthen Adak through the strategy and consolidated resources.

According to Adak’s CEO Kiplimo Rugut, already the government has set aside Sh300m in the current financial year for the operations.

“The government has supported us financially and we are ready to roll out our operations including sensitization of athletes,”Rugut said.

Rugut said the body is committed in fighting the menace noting that there have been improvements since when the body was established.

“Our target is to take education to the grassroots level so that we can stem it at an early stage. Our future sports men and women will grow knowing the effects of banned substances and reason why they should stay clean,”Rugut added.

Anti-Doping Norway , Rugut said, has helped them in capacity-building  where anti-doping control officers and educators have been trained.

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