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Among a large number of sporting events, football matches occupy a special place - friendly games, championships, qualifying matches and Cups are held in many countries of the world, which allows the fans to constantly enjoy their favorite game. Of course, soccer scores today of the best leagues in England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France occupy a special place, but the championships of the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Portugal and Austria are no less spectacular and exciting.

True football lovers will definitely like other tournaments - the Asian Champions League, African leagues, as well as international competitions with the matches of various national teams. But, since the World and European Championships, as well as Copa America, the African Cup of Nations are not held often, the main attention is focused on the club leagues that have been pleasing the fans with the long seasons. Also, the Champions League is considered one of the most popular, which from year to year gives positive emotions to all fans.


Favorites of the new season 2019/20 among the club championships

The start of a new draw of popular leagues is expected with gereat excitement, because during the off-season, many fans miss their idols and want to see them again. Numerous today’s soccer scores are mainly presented in the fall-spring format, and only rare the championships use the reverse match pattern.


The best leagues start and end approximately at the same time, and the following clubs are currently considered the main favorites:

  1. English Premier League - at the start of the season, Liverpool is in perfect shape, claiming to be the champion the most. It can compete against Manchester City, Arsenal or Chelsea.
  2. Spanish La Liga - as always, there are only 3 contenders for the title: Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atletico.
  3. The German Bundesliga - Bayern still cannot find the optimal level of performance, but is among the favorites, as is the Dortmund Borussia.
  4. Italian Serie A - Inter started the season well, but lost in a principled duel to Juventus, which is considered the main contender for the trophy.
  5. French Ligue 1 - there are almost no other options here, as PSG will most probably take the next champion title.

Only a little time has passed since the beginning of the season, so now it is especially exciting to follow the development of events, and a sufficient number of interesting matches awaits the fans.

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