Don Smith set for Rallye Bandama in Cote D' Ivoire

Don Smith set for Rallye Bandama in Cote D' Ivoire

The 2012 Kenya National Rally Championships (KNRC) Division 2 champion Don Smith will participate in the season opening Africa Rally Championship (ARC) in Ivory Coast scheduled for February 12-13.

This year, Smith will change his traditional Subaru N14 rally car as he opts for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 from Colsoul Racing Belgium in the Rallye Bandama Cote D' Ivoire.

“It’s cheaper to hire than flying ours to Ivory Coast," said the Nairobi based Smith who will be navigated by Bob Kaugi.

He added: "Our preparations are over so we are now waiting for visas-the car has been paid for, rooms booked, the entry is in and we are good to go.”

Sasol Rally of South Africa will follow in the ARC series  from April 09-10.

Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally will take place on the weekend of May 28-29.

The Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally- which is the series' biggest crowd puller -will take place on July 09-10 followed by Rally of Tanzania and Madagascar International Rally on weekends of August 13-14 and November 12-13 respectively.

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