Couples for inaugural Raia rally

Couples for inaugural Raia rally

Couples for inaugural Raia rally

Reliance Racing team comprising of couples Savraj Bhui co-driven by his wife Samina have entered in the weekend’s inaugural Raia Training Rally.

The event organized by Raia Autosports of veteran rally driver Azar Anwar- will be held on Sunday at Athi River Portland Cement quarry.

Thereafter, the trainees and other rally drivers would have a chance to compete in various categories on Sunday.

Abdul Sidi Rally Academy (ASRA) in partnership with Anwar will provide free training to motorsport enthusiasts which will take place at the East Africa Portland Cement Company grounds on Saturday 5th March.

The rally categories will include, Touring Class, which are unmodified daily use cars and pickups without roll-bar.

“New comers are invited to enter Raia events in this NON competing category for purpose of training and familiarizing with route notes, rally sections, time controls, etc,” said Anwar.

The other category is Class 1 meant for daily use cars and pickups having at least minimum safety roll bar whereby in Class 2 its for budget rally vehicles and diesel turbo vehicles with safety roll cage and full bar

In Class 3 which has high Performance prepared Rally vehicles [example WRX, Evo  and Turbo families get to experience the rally course harness belts buggies] with safety roll cage and full harness belts.

Anwar pointed out to the challenges beginners face at entry level in motorsports, which include financial challenges and lack of a proper mentorship channel. In an effort to solve this challenge.

Abdul Sidi further called upon young and inexperienced motorsport enthusiasts to register with Raia AutoSports so they can get a chance to receive free training under ASRA in collaboration with other celebrated trainers including Ketan Chibber and Surinder Bharaj. 

The Raia AutoSports also called upon rally lovers to attend the event where they assured them that they will hold drug-free family friendly events for those who want to watch the action live

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