Sidi calls for support from rally stakeholders

Sidi calls for support from rally stakeholders

Sidi calls for support from rally stakeholders

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Former Kenya motorsport federation chairman (KMSF) and Kenya Rally Drivers Association Director (KRDA) Abdul Sidi has challenged the new leaders to work towards bringing greater success to the federation. Sidi has admitted with change in leadership there is anxiety that things will be much better which can in turn scale Kenya rally to positive heights.

 “In everything we do there is an aspect of failure or success. Nothing is guaranteed, assessment will be done after they have completed their part. I will not be criticizing them but would like to support them.” He noted.

“I want to urge the public to give them enough time and all the support they need in running the federation. It is going to be very difficult given there are a total of 11 directors headed by the new chairman Roy McKenzie. It is never easy leading such a big group, any day I will go for a smaller group.” He said.

 The man who started the Abdul Sidi Rally Academy (ASRA) in 2010 through which several drivers have been developed is optimistic the sports is gaining more popularity in the country despite having had setbacks before.

“Seeing over 50 active drivers in rally who are my former students is a great sense of achievement for me. That is the kind of growth the federation needs. And with the sport having a large following, I believe the future is bright for motorsport.” He added.

On the federation,  Sidi said  there is need to work hand in hand with stakeholders including the Kenyan government, spectators and the competitors to achieve great results.


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