Shivam eyes regional glory in FIM CAC season closer

Shivam eyes regional glory in FIM CAC season closer

Shivam eyes regional glory in FIM CAC season closer

Shivam Vinayak/Picture courtesy

With an apparently insatiable hunger for success, MX1 series leader and current Champion Shivam Vinayak believes the final round of the FIM Central Africa Championship in Nairobi this December will not only be his most crucial race this season but  "mother of all battles".

Three straight wins will make Shivam both the 2012 MX1 National and East African Champion.

The competitive senior class has attracted battle-hardened Ugandans like Maxime Van Pee, Arthur Blick jnr, Israeli-born Asaf Natan and Kenya's Louis Dirnboeck.

"My preparations for the race will take place after mid-November as I would have just concluded my second year Dental Exams at University of Nairobi. My Kawasaki 450 (four-stroke) bike has been in great condition this year. We have sorted out all major issues and its only fine-tuning left for the race in December, depending on weather conditions," said Shivam, who became the first motorsports personality to win the SOYA Most Improved Sports Personality.

Shivam admits that the  past two races of the regional FIM Africa this year in Kampala have been very tough.

"I managed to win the last round at the new Busika racetrack, and with home advantage in December I look to seal the MX 1 Title for Kenya," said Shivam.

Shivam was all smiles after the last race meeting which he won at Jamhuri. Asked to explain what it really felt like to win the seventh and penultimate round Shivam had this to say:  "The main challenges of the day were to get used to the conditions as fast as possible due to the unexpected rain. I managed to do so and felt confident in all 3 heats to eventually win comfortably. It was the first time riding since the FIM Africa event in Uganda. I hope to be much better prepared to win the MX 1 for Kenya."

The motocross season culminates with the FIM Central Africa Championship (CAC) -cum-National Championship at Jamhuri on December 9.

Kenya will field the likes of Tutu Maina and Ivan Guya in Mx2 class, Jesse Waithaka, Dekker Kihara, Dylan Mutahi and Ethan Nyachae in MX50, Jeremy Waithaka, Rolf Kihara and  in MX65 class,  Samir Anwar 60,  Ngugi Waweru,  Githuku Mungai, Simon Svensen in MX85.


MX50::1. Jesse Waithaka 57; 2. Dylan Mutahi 49; 3. Ethan Nyachae 46;  4. Dekker Kihara 39; 5. Jet Takkunen 37; 6. Tai Wahome 30.

MX65::1. Elias Sherman 60; 2. Rolf Kihara 51; 3. Jeremy Waithaka 43; 4. Mohamed Anwar 41; 5. Owain Ashley 31; 6. Maina Wanjigi 30; 7. Ryan Bailey 20; 8. Callum Heys 25; 9. Marco Sher 23; 10.  Christian Chege 16; 11. Alistair Diniz 12

MX85::1. Samir Anwar 60; 2. Ngugi Waweru 51; 4. Githuku Mungai 45; 5. Simon Svensen 33; 6. Ashley Njoroge 26; 7. Walter Njoroge 22.

MX125:: 1. Apollo Mbuki 60; 2. Maslule 49; 3. Rohan Gandhi 47; 4. Ted Wanday 13.

MX2::1. Tutu Maina 60; 2. Ivan Guya 51; 3. Samir Sherman 45; 4. Randall. Kihara 39.

MX1::1. Shivam Vinayak 60; 2. Louis Dirnboeck 47; 3. Isaac Kuria 49; 4. Moses Kuria 41.

Photo and Info courtesy of Kenya Motorsport

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