Rally spectators risk jail term as organizers tighten rules

Rally spectators risk jail term as organizers tighten rules

Rally spectators risk jail term as organizers tighten rules

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Drinking and driving which are responsible for a number of wanton road carnages recorded along highways during past rally events -will soon be a thing of the past.Organizers of the 33rd KCB Guru Nanak Rally are warning all spectators against "silly" traffic offenses which could cost them a fortune or even land them in jail.

The new traffic regulations have several punishable breaches like speeding which will see drivers risking a fine of 10,000 or three months in jail. Careless driving and driving under the influence of alcohol- which is common with rally spectators -will attract a fine of Ksh 0.5million or 10 year imprisonment.

"We shall have a number of Police Checks for all spectators accessing the rally venues and I pity those who will not comply with the new rules as they will find themselves in custody," cautioned Pipi Renu who is in charge of marshals.

Spectators have also been asked to respect marshals' instructions.

Rally navigator and a member of the Motorsports Safety Commission Julius Ngigi, on his part,  called on spectators to exercise restrain during the Rally and avoid alcohol consumption.

"For those of you who have not read the new traffic rules, please do so as drinking and careless driving could land you in deep trouble if caught by police," said Ngigi who navigates Azar Anwar.

In a bid to restore sanity during the rallies, organizers Sikh Union have vowed they will work hand in hand with the Police to ensure that this vice is eliminated.

"The Guru Nanak edition this year will serve as a very good example to those drunken fans who continue to lose their life as a result of drinking and careless driving," added Pipi.

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