Kiambu rally to be run on closed private roads

Kiambu rally to be run on closed private roads

Kiambu rally to be run on closed private roads

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The Third round of the 2014 national rally championship will be held on the weekend of 26th and 27th April in Kiambu County. The rally, which will be flagged off by host Governor Kabogo, will be run in closed private roads with the Migaa stage set aside for spectators.

According to organizers, Rallye Sports Club (RSC), closing the rally to private farm roads is aimed at enhancing security for both the crew and spectators. Organizers have also announced that the spectator stage will be held on both days in order to give the local residents enough feel of the action.

The cars will tackle three stages (Cianda, Mbo-i Kamiti & Migaa) on Saturday April 26 after which there will be an overnight perc ferme at Migaa. On Sunday, April 27, 2014 will see the first rally cars restart at Migaa perc ferme from 8am onwards.

Cars will then tackle six stages with the Migaa spectator stage being run thrice and the longest stage at Tatu City (about 30 kilometers) giving crews a real taste of the technical stages, and by extension, the red sand soil which is typical of the roads around this region.

The first five cars will be flagged off at three minutes intervals while the rest of the pack will be given a one-minute interval.

The climax of the RSC organized event will be the prize giving ceremony at San Valencia Museum Restaurant where all and sundry will be treated to some vibrant entertainment, courtesy of the RSC organizing committee. 

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