Guru Nanak Rally registers record number of entries

Guru Nanak Rally registers record number of entries

Guru Nanak Rally registers record number of entries

Participants of the rally during the launch

The Nairobi Simba Club Sikh Union, the organizers of this year’s edition of the Guru Nanak rally have confirmed a record breaking number of entrants in this year’s edition which happens to be the last in the Kenya rallying calendar. A total of 84 drivers have confirmed participation for the 33rd edition of the rally which takes place this Sunday.

Event director Dali Kalsi says they did not expect such a huge entry, something that goes a long way to show how much rallying has grown in the country in the recent past.

“The huge entry is a manifestation that rally is on the rise. There is a huge number of foreign drivers in the participants’ list with newly crowned Ugandan Champion Jas Mangat leading in the list. Former England champion Tapio Laukkanen will also be challenging the locals.” He said.

With most of the KNRC categories having already been decided, most of the top drivers  have nothing to lose. Carl “Flash” Tundo has already pocketed the KNRC title with Aslam Khan and Jaswinder Chana   taking championships in classic car cup and S respectively.

At the same time, the event organizers says that stringent traffic measures will be taken to avert accidents during the course of the rally, warning both pedestrians and drivers to exercise extreme caution and avoid drunken driving.

The Chairman of the Rallies Commission KMSF Abdi Sidi speaking during the launch warned that there will be steep penalties for those who will be caught on the wrong side of the law

 “We are all able to drive up to 200km/per hour speed .the question is will you be able to control your vehicle once it loses control? That is one aspect that defines rally drivers. Their vehicles are destined in such a way that they are likely to escape vital accidents whereas false rally drivers can’t. I urge all that will be attending the Rally to adhere to traffic rules. Do not drink and drive.”  He said.

He says Police will be manning road blocks to help curb the emerging trend of accidents which has led to several  loss of lives  through careless driving in the roads. He added that if found with over two liters of alcohol you will be dealt with during the rally.

Flagging off will take place outside KCB Kikuyu branch while service park will be located at Namuncha.

There will be seven competitive stages at stake in Kedong’ and Suswa with a total distance to be covered being 316km. Sikh Union in Nairobi around forest road will be the finish point.

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