Itubu Imbem and Demonde Selenga thank AFC for firing them

Itubu Imbem and Demonde Selenga thank AFC for firing them

Itubu Imbem and Demonde Selenga thank AFC for firing them

AFC Leopards’ Congolese duo of Itubu Imbem and Demonde Selenga have termed their dismissal from AFC Leopards as a long awaited EXIT from HELL TO PARADISE. The two confirmed their dismissal from the club alongside other players on allegations of sabotage by the current management.

“We held a meeting early this morning with the chairman and his CEO and we have been told by the officials that we are fired.” Said Itubu Imbem.

The duo has thanked the management for making their exit from the 'claws of AFC Leopards tyranny' easier than expected alleging that their dismissal is purely due to political rivalry and not performance related.

The players have accused the AFC Leopards executive of being unappreciative for the dedication and determination they have put in the club since the beginning of the season.

According to Itubu Imbem, the management has treated them with cruelty by accusing them of sabotaging the team after receiving money from former chairman Julius Ochiel.

“This whole thing is political and we are disappointed in the management’s handling of the players. If you want to fire us, do that genuinely because of our poor form but not through dubious political means without any concrete reasons. They have accused us of being loyal to Ochiel.How can one sabotage a team when there is 10,000 shillings at stake for every win. Soccer is our career and the winning allowance at AFC is the best in this country enough to motivate better performance. So for one to accuse us of being loyal to another political rival is very unfair.” Lamented Itubu.

Itubu has however confessed his strong Love for the team and the fans vowing never to celebrate any goal he will score against AFC Leopards in the event of he joins another KPL club during the mid season transfer.

“I promise never to celebrate any goal I score against AFC because the fans and the team itself were a great family apart from the constant pressure expected from any club fans across the world.” He said.

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