AFC Leopards merchandise available in town

AFC Leopards merchandise available in town

AFC Leopards merchandise available in town

The 2011 AFC Leopards (Ingwe) replica T-shirts are now available to the club fans ,the club treasurer Amin Walji Junior has disclosed.

The Adidas branded T-shirts were described by Walji as of high quality that can be compared to none. The merchandise arrived on Wednesday from overseas.Walji said the T-shirts will be sold  at  Shop number 11 located  at Nairobi’s  Imenti House that is situated opposite Nairobi Sports  House.

Owing to its high quality and shipping Charges, Walji said  they will be retailing  at Shs.1,500.

The Imenti Shop will be the exclusive outlet for all Afc Leopards’ merchandise in Nairobi. He pointed out that arrangements are being made to have the club merchandise available in other parts of the country as well.

Regarding the aborted club elections, Walji said the next exercise must be supervised by the Electoral commission of Kenya (ECK).He said the Electoral Board chaired by Sports Commissioner Gordon Oluoch failed in their mandate adding that Kenyans and the entire  AFC Leopards fraternity had lost confidence with them.

‘It was total shame. Apart from their inability to supervise the exercise, the gates at the Nairobi Railway club were brought down. We did a favor to Oluoch team but they failed to discharge their duties since they did not provide adequate security. They totally flopped and that is why I suggest ECK to take charge in the forthcoming election exercise” Observed Walji.

The outgoing club Treasurer who is touted to retain his seat following his immense contribution to the club called upon club fans to register in large numbers and rally behind the team. He said wrangles will not help the club since it will scare away
potential partners and sponsors who would wish to chip in.

“This club has a bright future. If we can all rally behind the team and stop these cheap wrangles of running for seats, we shall go far” said Walji.
He disclosed that last season, he spend over Shs.5 million to help the club from his pocket and he has never demanded for reimbursement since he loves the club. He called upon club members to stop introducing tribal affiliation since the club draws fans from different tribes.

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