Telkom Orange Coach reveals secrets of success

Telkom Orange Coach reveals secrets of success

Telkom Orange Coach reveals secrets of success

Telkom ladies warming up before a match

Telkom Orange has dominated the national and continental hockey championships with ease. However, Coach Jos Openda has revealed to the reason behind their success. The Coach believes that the team’s greatest asset is their ability to play under pressure.

Openda’s side saw off stiff competition from USIU over the weekend to drub the Varity Queens 7-0. Both teams were at par in the first period with Orange scoring the opening goal just moments to the breather.

However, they came back with fire gutting from their sticks and they sunk in six second half goals.

“Every team plays well in the first half when they are full of energy. It is therefore very difficult to determine which is the better side. With my side we have strategy to work harder and stand pressure when we need to play. Teams score big in the first half but fail to protect their lead in the second half.” He said.

The coach said the players need to be fully concentrated in the match to make good count of the chances they create to show difference from the opposing teams.

"Their focus is so important, their concentration, and these little distractions. Our training entails a lot like how to dispense with distraction and focus on their function. We also work hard in preparing players to better control their emotions and control their thinking, basically under pressure,” Openda notes.

The tactician has warned teams participating in the league that they should brace themselves for a tougher Orange as they seek to build on their improvement from one match to another.

“We started with a 3-1 win over sliders and now 7-0. We want to ensure that we keep more clean sheets and that goal we conceded in the first game should probably be our last in the league,” notes the tactician.

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